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Lavender Room Fragrance

Lavender Room Fragrance

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Transform your living space with the beautiful scent of Lavender Room Fragrance.  Refresh your space with an elegant spring fragrance with Lavender room spray. A light spray of this fine mist will fill your room with the lavender scents of South Africa.   

Freshen up a room or spray it in a pre-iron, post-dryer, or on clothes on the line.  Lavender Room fragrance creates rich, effective, and powerful formulas that are also gentle, safe, and effective to use for the home.

This Lavender Room Fragrance can refresh your bed days old bed linens

  • It enhances the mood.
  • Strong anti-depressants and anti-anxiety properties.
  • Use the scent of Lavender to freshen laundry
  • Transform Large Rooms With Beautiful Continuous Mist Fragrance
  • Shake well and spray in a sweeping motion
  • Exclusively developed by a team of home fragrance experts for long-lasting scent
  • Do not use it on the skin, or close to your eyes as this is only for your room or laundry.    
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