Over the weekend, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the Sounds of Accra podcast for a second interview. It was a great opportunity to reflect on our growth since the first season. Today, we are thrilled to celebrate our 6th year in business and this interview was the perfect way to commemorate this milestone. We are incredibly thankful for all those who have been a part of our journey up to this point. Without you, we would not be where we are today.


This past May, I had the incredible opportunity to attend the Regional Conference for the World Intellectual Property Organization in Kigali. As a passionate entrepreneur and the founder of Honam Naturals, a natural skincare line, I was eager to learn more about the importance of trademarks and protecting intellectual property.

During the conference, I was honored to share my journey of starting my business and trademarks' pivotal role in its success. I emphasized how my investor mentor encouraged me to trademark my brand, as it not only added value to my business but also provided a competitive advantage in the marketplace. By securing exclusive rights to use my trademark, I was able to promote brand loyalty and boost my market share.

As a woman in business, I am proud to share my story and inspire others to take charge of their intellectual property. Click the link below to read the article.

From Ghana to Global: Naana Daniels' Journey with Honam Naturals and the Power of Intellectual Property (WIPO. int)



May 2023


April 2023  - Honam Naturals Gives Back

As a socially responsible company, we are always on the look out for an organization to support, so it came naturally to look for ways to give back to the community where we source our raw supplies of Shea butter in Tamale Ghana. My heart has always been in Tamale, Ghana, and maybe it is because I was born there and do business there as well.

Every year we chose a charity or an organization to give back to. We had researched to find a suitable organization to give back to. We came across Dr, Akis Afoko’s who had so much love for the community and had set up a private practise aside from his main duties in the main Government hospital to provide extra health care. The new private clinic specializes in Urology; he had also stated Women kept showing up with their children for health care and he sometimes had to turn them away as he did not have the resource to help. There was an instance where a woman showed up with abdominal pain and after examination, he discovered she was ready to give birth but had never received any care.

This incident had him decide to set up a new wing to provide health care to the women in the community. Dr Afoko rans both clinics with his own funds and donations from friends and families, both clinic’s. This is a clinic that could make a change in people’s lives if given the right tools to help with the community.

This organization was a perfect match and we gladly partnered to help support the with his good deed. We travelled to Tamale last month and visited the almost completed women’s wing and donated.

The clinic could do with medical supplies as well as monetary funds. If you wish to partner with the clinic, please reach out and we will provide you with more details.

As the great Muhammed Ali said “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth".





 January 22

The team started the year visiting our Women Owned business in Tamale, Ghana, It was interesting learning beauty secrets from the vendors. The best part was getting involved in the process of Shea butter, Look out for our blog from the visit.





January 15,2022

Honam Naturals is humbled to be in the company of these 25  iLaunchHerproduct team of Women Business owners .



June 2021 -  What an excitement to collaborate with Region of Durham, Town of Ajax, Shop Durham to create eco -friendly gifts to welcome Field Hockey Ontario.



May 2021 - We love the environment and we excited to participate with Munich Re-insurance celebration of  "Save the Bee" 

May 2021  - Shop Durham Region

We are so excited to be featured in Shop Durham Region entrepreneurs blog.  click on  link to read story and  whilst online go ahead and shop there to support local business.



Honam Naturals sat down with Think with #Google Canada to share how I’ve been growing my business online and to share tips & tricks with fellow entrepreneurs. Give it a read here:








JULY 19TH 2020 - the6rightest

I had the opportunity to sit with Elzbieta Chmiel of the6rightest and share the Honam Story. Visit link below


MAY 21,2020

Honam Naturals was a  guest on the soundofaccra