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Beauty Isn't Skin Deep

Beauty isn’t skin deep. 



I’m as vain as the next person. But I am a very demanding consumer who also believes I can do everything.

With the global appetite for clean, organic and authentic no frills cosmetics, a plethora of products have been unleashed on us. I am drawn to the smell of lush stores and browse through body shop often - hardly ever buying anything. I scout through markets and buy raw organic Shea butter and castor oil and mix my own products. Rustic, lumpy but I trust that more than anything on the market.


I offer some of my home-made balms to my family and colleagues. My blunt 90-year-old mother tells me they make her hands wrinkled. Oh well!


Then I happened upon Honam naturals. Same hefty dose of disinterest and scepticism. It was a gift. It stayed on my dresser for weeks. Then I ran out of my balm and opened it.

Mmmmmmm smelled great- uplifting. I took a a small finger scoop- soft, creamy.


And I rubbed it on. OMG!! It felt like my skin was thirsty and speaking it’s thanks to me for quenching its thirst!! Quickly absorbed and ironing out the skin is the only way I can describe it. Mom was visiting and I asked her to use it too. She scoffed but had to because she had also run out of her usual Nivea. Later that evening, she asked me what I had put in my balm this time because it’s better than dove or Nivea!! I lied and said “finally, some respect!”


The next morning, she showed me her hands and said “look, all my wrinkles are gone overnight!” And that is how our addiction to the Honam range started

Nearly 3 years later, everyone we know has received a package and that’s how I have been showing gratitude to those I love ever since: a Honam gift box.


 If you want to show love, this season, gift them because "the beauty of life doesn’t depend on how happy you are, but how happy others can be because of you". It’s beyond skin deep - it’s heart and gratitude.


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