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Honam Naturals Honey and Shea Butter Soap
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Honam Naturals Honey and Shea Butter Soap

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This combination of honey, shea butter will make you feel one step closer to heaven on earth. The healing properties are endless. This Honam naturals organic soap  creates superior lather on the skin.

This is a rich, moisturizing bar, blended with the perfect balance of shea butter, honey soothing, calming to the skin. 

Shea butter feels so good on the skin. As an unscented bar, it is nourishing to anyone with sensitive skin. Shea Butter with honey Soap is rich in Vitamin A and other fatty acids. This is pure soap with some extras, extra nourishing, extra cleaning, extra invigorating. It moisturizes and nourishes dry skin whilst managing skin irritation and protecting against environmental damage. The honey’s antibacterial and antifungal properties help to minimize scars and blemishes of the skin.


  • This soap will leave your skin feeling soft and smelling fresh
  • cleanses your skin while providing intense hydration and revitalizing dull skin.
  • Helps restore the natural balance of oils and moisture to your skin.

INGREDIENTS:  Shea butter, organic honey

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