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As most places are currently not operating due to government restricted closures, self care is one of the most indulged necessity for us all. Self-confidence and flawless skin are dynamic duos. Pampering during this time is a thing of necessity.

Honam Naturals is always on the lookout for organic and vegan products, and we hit the jackpot when we collaborated with the women from Northern Ghana, West Africa. These women are known for their flawless skin. Their skin care routine consists of a very basic usage of Shea butter, hand made soaps and most plant based products.

This traditional routine peaked my interest and after a chat with Maria, we decided to include their handmade soaps in our skincare line

The Moringa soap is packed with richness and nutrients such as Vitamin A, B, C, and D.  Its unique ingredients stand out amongst other soaps on the market. It enhances the natural skin complexion, detoxifies, tones and acts as an anti-bacterial soap.

The vitamin A protects your skin whilst boosting skin cells, shielding the skin from infections and reveals an even radiant skin tone. Recent studies show Vitamin B revitalizes the skin minimizing acne prone skin whilst balancing natural skin oils.    

Another ingredient is Vitamin C which stimulates collagen production, and has a potential plump up the skin dermis and minimize fine lines. Surely, we aren’t the only ones missing youthful skin!

Honam products are cruelty-free which means our products are tested on our family and friends. Recently when Madame Catherine, a good friend of ours complained of her scars from acne, I advised her to test our upcoming Moringa soap.

We were fortunate enough to document her progress. See the amazing results below:


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